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Electric floor heating -- a new highlight of energy saving in Chinese buildings!

Issuing time:2019-12-10 11:34

China has 13 billion square meters of construction, adding 2 billion square meters every year. At present, 99% are not energy efficient. Twenty-four percent of China's carbon dioxide emissions come from building homes, and they're increasing by two percent a year. According to statistics from relevant departments of the state, 45% of China's carbon emission reduction commitments to the world in 2020 will come from energy-efficient housing. The Numbers are amazing, the consequences are terrible, need to rely on us to wake up the human consciousness, strengthen the understanding and view of energy-saving housing, actively participate in the cause of energy-saving housing.

1. Fossil fuels are one of the causes of global warming

Global warming is the rise in global temperatures. Over the past 100 years or so, the global average temperature has fluctuated from cold to warm to cold to warm. Since the 1980s, global temperatures have risen markedly. The average global temperature between 1981 and 1990 was 0.48℃ higher than 100 years earlier. The main cause of global warming is the massive use of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, etc.) for nearly a century, and the emission of a large number of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

2.The consequences of global warming

Because these greenhouse gases are highly permeable to the short-wave radiation from the sun and highly absorbable to the long-wave radiation reflected from the earth, they are commonly referred to as the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. The consequence of global warming is the redistribution of global rainfall, the melting of glaciers and permafrost, and the rise of sea levels, which not only endangers the balance of natural ecosystems, but also threatens the food supply and living environment of human beings.

At present, the global concentration of carbon dioxide is 388 parts per million and is increasing at a rate of 2 parts per million per year.

3. Low-carbon economy, energy saving and emission reduction have become the main melody of our life

Electric floor heating system: healthy, safe, comfortable, energy saving, beautiful.

With electricity as energy source, it mainly USES the heating cable buried under the ground for low temperature radiant heating,and keeps heating the ground and indoor.  


1, the ground temperature is even, the room temperature decreases from bottom to top, the comfort is high, there is no traditional heating dryness.

2. Reduced air convection, good air cleanliness, no pollution and no noise.

3. Compared with the traditional heating method, it is more energy-saving, and the energy saving range is about 35%-40%。

4, easy to use without maintenance, door and room intelligent control, temperature, time, cost by their own decision.

5, do not take up the indoor space, use area can increase 2-3%, easy to decorate and put furniture.

6. The product has the same life as the building, durable for more than 50 years, free of maintenance and saving the use cost.

7. It is equipped with intelligent thermostat, which can set the rising and cooling time and temperature according to the working and rest time.

8. Solved the difficult problem of central heating charging thoroughly, and had a good comparability in investment cost and operation cost.

Electric floor heating advantages, in the future will gradually replace the traditional heating and other ways, as a new bright spot in China's building energy efficiency development, but also will become a new star in the heating industry! !

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